Dragon Filiposki
Personal trainer for over 10 yrs- we don’t like to drop names, but to some pretty famous people too!
>Specialising in Strength and Conditioning, Rehabilitation, Pre/Post Natal, TRX, Kettlebell and more

My training philosophy focuses on transformation of both the mind and body.  I believe the relationship between a trainer and their client is one of purpose, and that purpose is to provide change.  Change doesn’t just focus on the physical aspect but also internally, enhancing the well-being of each individual. I strive to empower my clients with not only the necessary skills, but knowledge, continued support through resources to assist and inspire them on their individual journey.  

Together, we will transform your quality of life through active participation in regular fitness activities and the integration of guided fitness programs, to make your health goals become a reality, in your time and your chosen location.

Training is not just about staying in shape.  A healthy life is a lifelong effect. It also helps with stress management, reduces risk of disease and keeps the mind stimulated with positive thoughts.

My Programs


Tailored Programs

If you’re seeking a tailored program with Dragon, after assessing your goals he will work with you to create a 12 week program. In or outside the gym.

Dragon’s training specialises in rehabilitation, fat loss and strength and conditioning. Many of Dragon’s clients have had pre-existing injuries that have prevented them from training without pain. Dragon designs programs that will rehabilitate the isolated injury. Injury is not an excuse in his eyes, it’s a challenge. Dragon also knows how to get results, not only with physical changes to the body with weight loss and toning.  He also works on clients strength and power, through weight training and applied circuit training. He is all about variety, you’ll stay motivated as each day brings a new exciting challenge. Purchase today to train with Dragon.

Once purchased we will drop you an email with a short questionnaire so Dragon can obtain your specific fitness needs and goals.  Once complete Dragon will contact you via email within a day to start the conversation around your program. Enjoy and smash those goals!