Leaning With The Luna

LENGTH: 9 x Videos (Unlimited Access For 2 Months)

TRAINING DAYS PER WEEK: 3 Hours In Total - Complete in Your Own Time


It is our absolute joy to share this information with women and to offer you practical tools to navigate the intelligence contained in the phases of your monthly cycle.
This Master Class shines a clear light on the four distinct hormonal phases of a woman’s monthly cycle and the physical and emotional needs that come along with each phase.
Through understanding our hormonal fluctuations, we learn to work WITH our bodies in order to live with more authenticity and ease. All the while enhancing health, productivity, joy and sensuality each and every week of the month.

• Learn your phases so you can get the most out of your intuitive creative self, your sensual self, and your productive/all systems go self.
• Navigate self-care correctly to harness your energy levels efficiently
•  Understand your true needs at the time of PMS and how to find more ease at this time of the month
• Dive into the power of mind-body connection through guided meditations designed to cultivate and channel your feminine energy.
• Learn your body and how to meet your changing needs and super powers.
• Discover crucial understandings to cultivate a harmonious relationship with your cycle and your period.

'This workshop with Rosie is incredibly eye-opening.
I had no idea how much I didn't know about my cycle and my body before the workshop. I left feeling connected, informed and empowered. Rosie is incredibly knowledgeable with such a beautiful style of teaching. The whole experience was simply wonderful and I think every single woman would be so lucky to have the opportunity to work with this magical teacher.'
– Olivia, Los Angeles
'This workshop is beyond Sacred. It was the most valuable thing I have done for myself as a woman. Rosie gave me a new positive perspective on myself by understanding the cycle my body goes through every month.
The information was so valuable I believe it has already changed the way I see and accept myself. There were things I learned that I couldn't believe I didn't already know about my own reproductive system, which surprised me, as I am a 29-year-old woman who is very much in touch with my body. This knowledge should be passed on to women of every age.
We need to have more open discussions like these about our nature so that we can lead better lives and have better relationships with ourselves and others. It's so important to know your power as a woman so that you can live to your fullest potential. I am very grateful for Rosie sharing her knowledge.' – Shanee, Los Angeles

'I enrolled in the ‘leaning with the Luna’ course purely to support a friend. What I didn’t know was that I would have so many penny drop moments. So many ‘Oh my god how did I get to my late 30s and not know all these gems’ moments.
 Rosie’s clear teachings enable you to reframe your relationship to your cycle in the most positive way. The course provides you with a deep understanding and wisdom which I refer back to constantly. I loved every minute of this course. I think Rosie’s course should be taught to high school girls across the world.
-Katie, Byron Bay

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