Fertile Bloom


Fertile Bloom

LENGTH: 4 weeks (Unlimited access for 3 months)

TRAINING DAYS PER WEEK: 6 (5-25 minutes per day)



Centred around your cycle, this program teaches in accordance with women’s innate hormonal fluctuations to boost fertility and reproductive health regardless of whether you are a woman who experiences reproductive challenges or not!

In addition to supporting hormonal balance, this program is heavily focused on nourishing your nervous system and combating the negatives effects of stress on the reproductive health.

More and more studies are finding undeniable links between infertility and stress. The good news is that when stress is actively countered by engaging the relaxation response, fertility levels rise.

Some of the strongest evidence of increasing fertility levels through the reduction of stress using yoga and relaxation comes from a study by Alice Domar, PhD, of Harvard Medical School. Domar created a fertility program at the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital prior to opening the Domar Center for Mind/Body Health. In 2000 she conducted a study at The Domar Center for Mind/Body Health in which patients were introduced to yoga and meditation, along with other relaxation techniques and acupuncture. The results were startling with 55 percent of infertility patients becoming pregnant (and having a baby) within one year of participating in her 10-session program. Whereas the control group saw only 20 percent of patients having babies. https://www.domarcenter.com/

FERTILE BLOOM was created with these studies in mind. It is a gentle, easy to follow program designed to bring warmth to your womb while nurturing your nervous system, combating the effects of stress, and boosting fertility. Some days this program uses meditation and restorative yoga to calm and rejuvenated your nervous system, while other days incorporate gentle Vinyasa flow to deliver amplified circulation to your reproductive organs. Each day you will receive either a carefully crafted yoga sequence for fertility, a guided visualisation, pranayama practice (yogic breathing technique), or abdominal massage instruction to bring gentleness, connection, and optimised health to your reproductive system.

- Yoga Mat
- 2x Bolsters or Bed Pillows
- 2x Blankets or Big Towels
- 2x Yoga Blocks or Firm Cushions
- Chair

Optional - 1 x Hot Water Bottle/Wheat Pack

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