This 4 Week plan is designed to 'shred' that unnecessary layer of excess weight you have been trying to shake, while maintaining muscle tissue. 

Each day gives you access to video workouts, nutrition plans, and other holistic advices. This program is jam packed with information on fitness, healthy eating plans, recipes, and lifestyle choices, even down to meditation, and how to cleanse your body inside and out. See Testimonials Here


If you don't do any physical activity, or are unsure of your exertion capacity and are a little nervous - there is no need to panic!  You have access to a free beginners program. Yes you heard right! FREE!  

Mel will guide you through several exercises to ensure you understand the basics, and can focus on the correct form. These can be done in the privacy of your own home, or outside, or at the gym if you have a membership. 

 It is advised to complete the beginner program every second day but begin the RELAXATION, WALKING and NUTRITION program immediately.  

eggs and meat

During the first week of a calorie focused meal plan and carbohydrate diet you will flush out a lot of excess water, reduce bloating, and notice a reduction in weight.

The special created high protein and Ketogenic meal planning will assist with weight reduction. Results will show, if following the program strictly. After the first cycle is complete weight loss will slow, as majority of initial weight is excess water weight and now this is fat loss. So let's get moving for that bikini body!


Each day, you are able to track your journey through your individual tracker. This will keep you focused, and remind you of why you started and what your goal is. We are with you the entire process - keeping routine is vital to seeing results.

what is needed

There is so much information, advice and guidance in this program you don't need to look anywhere else - we've thought of everything, so you don't have to! However with some added technological products, and weights this will enhance your journey as you will be able track your progress and fitness levels.

What we advise you purchase;

1. Step Tracker  - if you have a smart phone you're covered!

2. Heart rate monitor (optional)

3. Ankle weights (min. 1.5 kg / max 6kg depending on fitness level) (optional)

4. Dumbbells (min. 1 kg / max 6 kg depending on fitness level) 


Price: $89