The first mistake people make is not adopting a healthy eating plan into their training routine - and then wonder why they aren't seeing results.  
They then become demotivated, and think their training isn't working, so potentially give up, or start a different type of training, and it's a viscous cycle. 
Eating fast food, sugary foods, and consuming a lot of alcohol - won't do your training any positives. 
A lot of people exercise, to lose weight, however the amount of exercise you need to undo bad eating choices is a lot more than you realise. 
When they say 80% nutrition 20% training - it's not wrong. We can't stress this enough - exercise alone won't achieve the results you're looking for.  

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array of foods

If you already have a training/ fitness regime sorted and just need a little help in the meal plans department - we have programs suitable for your goals, and lifestyle.

  • No complicated recipes
  • No extended shopping lists 
  • Catering to vegans/ vegetarians/intolerances and allergies.

Mel shred nutrition

The Shape Fit Focus nutrition program is divided into 4 different meal plans designed to reduce body volume, detox the body, increase your energy levels, motivation  and body confidence.

With each week, brings the introduction of new  foods, which your body will react to and provide you with a stimulated  metabolism.

The meal planning is simple and easy to follow even  for anyone with nutritional issues/allergies and lifestyle choices such as vegan, pescatarian etc

1st WEEK you DETOX the body from within. You will notice clearer eyes, skin and more energy even in a few days.

2nd WEEK your meal plan is all about BALANCE. You will maintain the results of the DETOX and speed up your metabolism with easy to digest proteins and complex carbohydrates.

3rd WEEK your meals are all in PALEO Style and sees you eating less carbohydrates but adding more protein, healthy fats and fresh vegetables and fruits.

4th WEEK will see an increase in PROTEIN rich foods, loosing your sugar cravings. You will feel a boost in energy, feeling lighter and more positive.

4 WEEKS - Recipes, Tips, healthy eating habits.

Price: $69
eggs and fish

Designed to lose body fat and assist building or maintaining lean muscle mass to achieve a more toned body. 

The TONE meal plan is rich in fibre to boost satiety, which reduces an overall calorie intake.

 Fibre-rich food includes fresh vegetables, legumes, whole–grains, fruits, nuts and seeds. 

The Tone meal plan is rich in proteins, and includes food such as  egg whites, skinless poultry lean meat, seafood, soy products, low fat dairy food, nuts, seeds, seitan and legumes. The meal plan is low carbohydrate, but provides enough energy and fuel for your training and muscle building.


Price: $69

If you want visible results in a shorter period of time, the Fit Focus Shred plan is the best solution for fat loss and more muscle definition. 

In addition to your daily regime of training, this meal plan will assist in achieving those weight loss goals.

We aren't going to lie, this meal plan isn't easy, and requires prep and serious commitment.  It contains approximately 1500-1600 calories per day.  It's not about starving the body but fueling it with the correct sources!

Your body is an amazing machine and with this meal plan shifting calories for fat loss, will maximise muscle repair while minimizing breakdown. As you decrease your energy intake (calories), you start burning fat. 

That means that a careful balance of macros, rather as a carbohydrate fast is the smart way.  

Not using carbs after a workout helps your body to use stored fat as fuel, it also helps your body to burn calories in a relatively higher rate after your training session.

You'll be amazed at how energized you feel!


Price: $69