Suffer, Sweat, Smile.

This 3 month challenge combines all elements to help you on your journey to a holistic and healthy lifestyle. 

Being healthy is so much more that just physical fitness. Unlike most other challenges you find online, Mel's challenge not only tests you physically, but also provides you with invaluable knowledge on the importance of nutrition and  how to meal plan and eat for your body type. 

You'll be provided with comprehensive and invaluable teachings of how to change your mind set to the positive, incorporating methods of gratitude, daily practice of meditation, and also the importance of internal health, as well as your outer health - your skin. 

Mel's challenge provides endless recipes not just for healthy eating plans, but how to make you glow on the outside, and take care of your skin, with homemade remedies (which are so simple but effective), eliminating any unnecessary toxins and nasties from your daily regime. See Testimonials Here

A program designed by women for women.

*This program is not recommended for a total beginner.

But don't worry, we are here to help, and we have you covered.

As part of the purchase, Mel provides a 'FREE BEGINNERS PROGRAM' to undertake for a period of 1-month as an introduction to the challenge...

This epic 12 week program will SHAPE TONE and SHRED your body, increasing your energy, leaving you feeling refreshed and vitalized.

A program that encompasses an entire lifestyle plan not just a short burst of training or a fad diet.


NOTE: Once purchased, you will receive the program into your dashboard starting off with access to the SHAPE Program (4 weeks), followed next month by TONE (4 weeks), then SHRED (4 weeks). This keeps your focused on the task at hand, without overloading you with information!