Every BODY is different. This is what makes us unique. 

What may work for some, may not be the ideal solution for you.  

That's why a personal nutrition consultation and customized meal planning is often the key to achieve your goals and a healthier lifestyle.

In your private nutrition consultation session you'll be asked to answer specific questions related to your daily eating habits,  fitness regime, well-being, and mind set. 

This gives Mel the chance to understand who YOU are, and make the best choices for your health and personal goals.

The aim is to educate you to make better choices for your health, without giving up on all things that you love in life - it's important to create healthy habits, not restrictions.

Your private sessions with Mel will involve an initial dietary analysis and submission of food diary, to provide useful guidance of healthy eating and lifestyle balance. 

With Melanie's personalised nutrition program, and guidance you will achieve a balanced and energizing eating plan that's long term-not just a fad diet! 

A program just for you. Because there is only one of you.

How it Works;

1. Fill in the questionnaire and submit. (This will require approx 25 minutes to complete)

2. Mel will be in touch with next steps, and an appointment via Skype.



    $249 Initial Private Consultation with Mel 

    + $149 Follow up consultations

    A fully comprehensive and tailored program just for you and your individual needs. We understand every BODY is different. 
    This consultation is inclusive of a detailed and thorough questionnaire about you daily habits, and any body issues or medical issues that will conclude in a tailored nutrition program. Followed by a  personal Skype session 1:1 with Mel to completely understand your personal health and fitness goals.