Every BODY is different. Unique, we like to say, but also we are all very much the same.

Emotionally, spiritually and physically our bodies change, transform, evolve as well as challenge us. Through life you may feel alone, you may feel you’re abnormal, an anomaly or unable to discuss your situation with others.

We tell it RAW,  we take taboo topics and decrypt them, and what ever is off limits we thrive on!
It's rare to find an online fitness and wellness platform that encompasses a holistic approach that focuses on mind, body and spirit. We’ve coaches, trainers and mentors who share with us their knowledge within these so called, niche spaces.

We like to be different, so unlike other online program platforms, we allow you to commence your program whenever you want, with the trainer of your choice, to suit your individual needs.

You can be anywhere in the world, but as long as you have internet, you will have access to Raw Lifestyle!

The program you choose monitors your progress daily! Helping you to reach your personal and wellbeing goals and full fitness potential.


1. After exploring our range of trainers and online programs and masterclasses, simply select the one that is most suitable to you and your situation.

2. Enter your details and submit.

3. Congratulations and welcome to the Wolf Pack, your membership will be activated and you will be able to access your program via My Dashboard. Once you click 'Lets Get Started', you will be able to see upcoming activities in your calendar. If you've selected a fitness related program - it's important to know that once the clock strikes midnight - we mark it off as done! This holds you accountable to complete the daily training as directed in the program. Results come from commitment! 

Our unlimited coaching programs will keep you accountable, but in their own unique way.

4. If you’ve chosen a masterclass, you have access within your calendar for a dedicated time period to complete it.

5. We like to make life easy! So for your convenience you can track your performance, access your calendar and monitor your movements all on your own individual dashboard, via your mobile, computer or tablet device 24/7.


We aren't here to just take your money and leave you hanging.

We are here to support you, guide you and share your journey.

Be part of Raw Lifestyle's community with the many others that want to make a positive change!