Yurie - Client Of Rosie Matheson - Fertile Bloom

Yurie, Japan

For many years I faced the fact that my period would not come naturally.
I was facing this fact so much that I would think, 'If I was not a woman I would not have to worry about these problems'.
Taking this program helped me realize that I had these feelings and many others towards myself as a woman. This program helped my feelings changed and from the bottom of my heart I felt that I was lucky to be a woman.
I felt Rosie's deep love and I connected with her words, making me feel safe.
When I went to hospital, the doctors would say worrying things to me and every time it made me sad.

Rosie's words where not just consoling but they had truth in them, and that let me have deep relief and hope. These words I think come through the truth that she has experienced.
I was then able to connect to my womb.
We see the truth and start to connect to ourselves.
Anybody who would like to get pregnant or anybody who doesn't, if only every woman could take this program... that is how I feel.
During this program it changed me and I got pregnant. Also, post birth, after years of worries I now have my cycle coming naturally!
I feel overwhelmed and so blessed to have my rhythm back when I could not have it for so long!
Women, periods and the images you have about yourself will change. You will surely find that you love yourself just as you are.
I highly recommend this program, you won't regret taking it!
Yurie - Japan