For me Motion has it all covered, a dream for everyone who wants to pay attention to a happy healthy life. With their fitness studio, they motivate you in the right way with efficient personal training and a variation of energetic effective classes. The fitness schedule is thought through and the classes as well. The woman behind Motion, Melanie, has all the skills and experience to bring you together with her team in balance, in shape, bikini fit, back on track after a heavy time or burnout, whatever your body needs. I’m so happy she put all of her passion into an online program. I’d rather be in Bali the whole year, but now I’m able to follow the course and stay on track wherever I am.

Besides the sports part, she runs an amazing restaurant, kitchen and has several distribution points on the island where you can buy her delicious food, snacks, drinks and famous banana bread. I’ve struggled for many years keeping a balanced eating pattern. Melanie has the gift to create the right combinations of pure food which is the best fuel for your body and mind. Like I said before it’s a dream to know this person, brand, team and platform, especially after your 30’s, because let’s get real, before this tipping point it’s easier to keep on track. Your body changes, Mel’s personal advice could help you a lot solving all kinds of challenges.  

During one of the retreats I’ve followed, I love to attend these beautiful days of good food, knowledge, excerscices, working with natural masks, treating your body with a massage, relax and much more. Motion won’t let you down and it’s actually an annual must for everyone. If you want to achieve results, anything is possible, just give it a try (I must admit, that I thought in the beginning that it was “just another diet and useless attempt”, but found out that she has it all covered, the complete picture and combinations of food). Very thankful I’ve started it and invested in myself!

My results after 2 weeks of Motion Fit & Slim Lifestyle program and 2 days of retreat:

  • Feeling good and energized

  • Waking up early

  • Beautiful skin

  • Gained confidence

  • Losing unwanted fats

  • Not tired anymore

  • Clear and positive mind

  • Flat tummy

  • No coffee addiction

  • Improved my knowledge about food, sports, anti-aging

Results in numbers:

3,4 kg

12 cm on my tummy

Julia, 37 years, The Netherlands