Alice believes fitness is a cure - a cure for mental and physical health, a cure for confidence and a cure to finding and developing inner strength. It’s about LIFE and HAPPINESS as a whole!
Alice has many talents, and has danced for a total of 10 years at the Western Australian academy of Performing Arts before deciding her passion was coaching people to be healthy and fit. She understands the body, it’s limits and rehabilitations of muscle repair. Alice then decided her passion was with coaching people to be healthy and fit.

Alice’s programs focus on building strength, toning the body, targeting concerning areas, and increasing your overall level of fitness. While her programs are more specific to the female body, we certainly encourage men to join in as well!

ALice Running

Starting your weight loss journey can be exciting, you get to the gym, drop a few kilos in your first few weeks and it feels great! But the one thing many tend to sacrifice in the early days of their weight loss journey is a LONG TERM plan!

Believe it or not, many people I chat to run into the issue of finding it hard to maintain their results because they are NOT eating enough - yet they have no idea!

The first logical thing to do is reduce your intake, eat less food. BUT if you are not doing this properly with consistency and tracking, you could very easily run into trouble down the track! 

My advice, If you are starting a weight loss journey - begin by tracking your CURRENT intake BEFORE you change anything! Your body may be used to an intake of 2000+ calories a day and you don't even know it. So for you then to go on the next 1200 calorie fad diet and start training like a lunatic...you aren't doing yourself any favours! 

This will result in you becoming too tired to hit to gym and binge eating to meet your food cravings. Maintaining your results will become 'wave like' (1 step forward, 2 steps back).

The goal is to keep it realistic, eat as much food as you can while training at a realistic rate AND STILL BURN FAT and LOSE THE WEIGHT! 😊🔥

Routine is extremely important to maintain results. Commitment is key, along with focused goals and the reasons why you want to achieve results.

Alice Jane

RAW LIFESTYLE is a revolutionary online health and well being platform that lets you take the drivers seat. Specifically designed to provide both men and women with accessible resources to maintain optimal mental and physical fitness and health. Flexibility, affordability, and ease take precedence here at Raw Lifestyle. Our programs are designed for everyone, no matter your age, fitness level, location or lifestyle. With the ability to choose your favourite trainer, you can make your way through a selection of fitness & wellness programs for your mind, body and soul choosing the one that fits YOUR needs …..And if you are not sure, we can help you!

Each certified trainer is handpicked, and offers something unique in terms of coaching specialty. Providing an array of programs from HIIT, weight training, cardiovascular, stretching, yoga, meditation, nutrition and more. We want you to feel comfortable, supported, empowered and balanced. It’s not about body image and competitiveness; it’s about choosing a teacher you can relate to and taking the first steps towards your goals.

Be YOU with US at Raw Lifestyle

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