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Coffee Enemas: The how’s, why’s and what’s of this natural liver detox

Margaret Floyd Barry - Eat Naked Now

The next thing I noticed was how clear-headed I was. It was like a powerful wind swept through and whisked away the mental debris. Kind of like the feeling you get after a week on a good detox – except that this was after a process that took me all of 45 minutes!

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Is Breakfast The Most Important Meal Of The Day?

Saxon + Sinclair From Fasting The Healer Within

When you intermittent fast, some really cool changes happen to your body hormonally. According to Doctor Jason Fung - a world leading expert on intermittent fasting - some very important things happen with our hormonal system. Our human growth hormone increases, which helps our body burn fat for fuel. It also helps to preserve lean muscle mass and bone density. Human growth hormone has also long been implicated in human longevity and life extension.

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Ditching Tampons Was A Rite Of Passage

Kate Nelson - Plastic Free Mermaid

I become intimate with my body as I experimented with new methods of managing the blood. My approach shifted from merely cleaning up the mess to tuning into my natural rhythm of this incredibly special cycle. Instead of reaching externally to a giant box of plastic tampons...

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8 Self Care Suggestions To Help You Heal From Abortion Or Miscarriage


Sweet woman,

Your body and your heart have been through it.

Maybe it happened yesterday, maybe a year ago, maybe more…

No matter when your experience occurred, know that it takes time to heal. 

It is no small experience to hold a life inside your body. 

It is no small experience to hold the space left behind when a life leaves.

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Self Breast Massage


Your breasts, in addition to being pleasure zones and miraculous life giving vessels, are gateways to intensified orgasms.
Taoist breast massage is a proven practice known to increase your capability for clitoral, vaginal, and whole-body orgasms!

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