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Ditching Tampons Was A Rite Of Passage

Kate Nelson - Plastic Free Mermaid

I become intimate with my body as I experimented with new methods of managing the blood. My approach shifted from merely cleaning up the mess to tuning into my natural rhythm of this incredibly special cycle. Instead of reaching externally to a giant box of plastic tampons...

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Sense of Self Vs. Social Media, Who wins?

Holly From Elka Swim

This whole sense of self can be a tough game to play, sometimes. I’m not here to win or lose, because at the end of the day I am only playing against myself. But what is actually ironic, is that when I want to encourage a good personal sense of self, I turn to the very place that made my sense of self bad in the beginning, online! Why do I put myself back in that place? Because, like tea with almond milk, I’m addicted to seeing how other people live, dress, look & act. Stupid, right!?

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8 Self Care Suggestions To Help You Heal From Abortion Or Miscarriage


Sweet woman,

Your body and your heart have been through it.

Maybe it happened yesterday, maybe a year ago, maybe more…

No matter when your experience occurred, know that it takes time to heal. 

It is no small experience to hold a life inside your body. 

It is no small experience to hold the space left behind when a life leaves.

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Bikini Body A La Mel


People have this impression or understand that using physical weights during exercising are required to build, tone and gain muscle strength. This is not entirely accurate.

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What’s Your Poo Telling you?


Did you know there’s actually a holy grail of poo?  One of my favorite things to talk about with clients is their poo. (Is that weird?)

I love poo talk because it tells me so much about my client: about their health and about how they show up in the world. Like it or not, the two are often linked. Intimately.

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