Enjoying A Holiday Without Throwing Good Habits Away

Courtney Brown

Meet Courtney,
Lover of the sunshine and ocean. Doer of fun and adventure. Teacher of strength, nutrition - and building habits to support a sustainable lifestyle. Courts has been working in the fitness industry for over 12 years, it’s fair to say she has tried everything from fasting to vegetarian, to eating organ meats, and eating whatever I want. From my experiences and lessons learnt, I hope to teach people how to learn what suits their lives and their goals and how to build that into a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.
From meeting new people to learning new things and solving problems to help people better themselves in all aspects of health and fitness.

The most powerful topics when it comes to fitness and nutrition  to share with the world are;
- not one size fits all in anything!
- there is no magic pill to help us reach our goals. Education and consistency will do that.
- A little bit of everything is far better than all or nothing of anything.

Courtney strives to educate people on nutrition and training to help them build more sustainable habits to transform their lives. Her motto is; Smile, pass it on :-)

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Enjoying A Holiday Without Throwing Good Habits Away

For a lot of us, going away on a holiday can do one of two things.

1. We just go ‘f**k it” and eat and drink and say yes to everything.

2. We don't enjoy our holiday at all because we are scared of putting on weight or
losing what we have achieved previously.

The great news is - it doesn’t have to be either. There is a third option.
We go on holidays, we enjoy yourselves, we don’t go crazy, but we also don’t go with out.
Here are some tips to help you enjoy your holiday without throwing your habits away.

Enjoy yourself
Actually relax. Don’t stress about what you will eat, what you won't eat, where you will
train, what happens if you don't train.
You are on a holiday to have fun, see and learn new things and to take a break from your
everyday life. This is important to remember. Your time should be different to how you
normally spend your time. Things will be different. And that's ok.
Spend quality time with those around you. Reconnect with your family or partner, spend
time outside in nature, sleep in, read books, do what makes you happy.

CourtneyMove Every Day
If training in a gym is important to you - then do that. Find hotels close to a gym or with a
gym there. Don't waste hours in the gym. Spend 45 mins to 1 hour doing what you love to
MAINTAIN what you have worked so hard to achieve. You will not be building muscle on
your holiday. You are there because it makes you happy, it starts or ends your day the right
way and its time fo royu.
Keep active without going to the gym every day. Keep you NEAT high (non exercise
activity thermogenesis). Walk everywhere. A great way to explore new cities or places.
Set a step target each day.

Protein and Plants
These two are a must every day in your holiday nutrition. It's ok if you will have
champagne or beer at night - but remember you big rocks. Fill up on protein, eggs for
brekky, yoghurt for a snack, chicken for lunch, protein shake for arvo tea and meat with
dinner. Add extra veg to all meals, and snack on fruit and veg.
Pack your protein powder or protein bars to help you stay on track but also enjoy the
meals out and the different cuisines you will be having.
You can also try to limit carbs and fats earlier in the day to allocate them towards bigger
dinner or alcohol or dessert.

Travelling with dehydrate you. Air con, saltier foods, less access to water, being on the go
all adds to forgetting to drink enough water.
A few things you can do is pack and empty drink bottle in your bag to fill up on the plane.
Fruit and veg will add to your water intake.
Always order tap water with your meals in a restaurant. And try to start your day with 5 -
800ml of water. This will get a big chunk of water into your day early.

Sometimes on holidays you will wake up later than usual. Thats ok. You could try fasting
until lunch time or brunch. This means instead of filling up on continental brekkies, you can
start your day with water and a black coffee, then head out for lunch with a big serve of
protein and plants.
Not only will this help you eat less calories throughout the day. It means the back end of
your day is filled with food for when you go out for dinner.

Try to keep your routine similar when travelling. Find it straight away, training, eating,
sleeping, walking etc. Set a similar wake up and sleep time to what you usually do, limit
screens before bed and try not to eat or drink anything too crazy too close to bed time.

Find a hotel room with black out curtains, a cooler temperature and wear ear plugs. Quality
sleep will help manage any stress from your travels, relax and not be too inflamed from the
different foods, alcohol, flying etc.

Everyone is different and things don’t go according to plan. Try to build some strong
foundational habits a few weeks before you go on holiday so you are aware of what you
can do whilst away.

And when you get back - if things didn't go according to plan. Don’t worry. You can easily
get straight back into your routine and old habits to get back to normal. But remember, this
all comes from building the ‘big rocks’ or strong habits before you leave.

Love x

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