What Is 'GOOD' Nutrition?

Courtney Brown

Meet Courtney,
Lover of the sunshine and ocean. Doer of fun and adventure. Teacher of strength, nutrition - and building habits to support a sustainable lifestyle.

Courts has been working in the fitness industry for over 12 years, it’s fair to say she has tried everything from fasting to vegetarian, to eating organ meats, and eating whatever I want. From my experiences and lessons learnt, I hope to teach people how to learn what suits their lives and their goals and how to build that into a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.
From meeting new people to learning new things and solving problems to help people better themselves in all aspects of health and fitness.

The most powerful topics when it comes to fitness and nutrition  to share with the world are;
- not one size fits all in anything!
- there is no magic pill to help us reach our goals. Education and consistency will do that.
- A little bit of everything is far better than all or nothing of anything.

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What is ‘GOOD’ nutrition?

If there is one thing that we could recommend you start working on in terms of your
nutrition, it would be this:

Eat more whole foods. And change them up.

Chicken, beef, lamb, white fish, salmon, pork, turkey, vegetables - all different colours,
fruits - fresh and in season.

courtneyNot only will you feel better, but changes are if you are eating mindfully and deliberately -
you will start to perform better and notice a change in your body composition.

Making deliberate choices on your nutrition is the first step. From here you can look more
into different kinds of food, you can learn more about the nutritional value.

By learning more, you will be able to make better decisions and eat mindfully no matter
what the occasion.

But how do you make these ‘mindful’ and deliberate choices?

By educating yourself on what food has to offer. How it makes you feel and how it
nourishes your body.

By learning you can make the best decisions on what you would like to eat and how it will
make you feel.

Somethings to keep in mind when trying to change your nutritional habits.

Care about your food and eating it
● Pay more attention to what you are actually eating
● Learn about different food types and their nutritional value.
● Find someone to help you learn and be able to eat mindfullly and make informed
decisions when eating.

Food Quality
● Eat more whole foods - animal products, fruit and veg
● Look for minimally processed foods

Eliminate Nutrient Deficiency
● By being more aware and mindful about your food, you will end up eating more
whole foods and less processed foods
● Increasing fruit and veg and different types of animal products you will get a wider
range of nutrients
● By giving your body what it needs you will feel fuller for longer, have a stronger
immune system and improve your body composition and mood

Controlling Appetite and Food Intake
● Awareness of food quality will help control your hunger
● By eating food that is pleasing and nourishing to your body you will crave less
unsatisfying foods

Regular exercise and activity
● The basis of good nutrition = exercise and activity
● When eating more nutrient dense whole foods, you will have more energy and feel
better therefore you will be able to perform better.
● Awareness through food and movement of your body will help reduce stress, help
your sleep, help recovery and therefore add to better body composition

Accountability and Guidance
● Do some research and learn more about nutrition that makes you feel good
● Everyone is different - there is no one size that fits all
● Find a coach to help teach you and guide you in the right direction of your goals

Love x

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