6 Morning Rituals To Kickstart Your Day

Saxon + Sinclair From Fasting, The Healer Within

Fasting: The Healer Within - These Australian Brothers are on a mission to spread the importance of water fasting and juice fasting and how it can heal the body within. Follow them as they challenge the preconceived notions of the health industry with the miracle of fasting. 20 days water, 20 juice. See their documentary trailer hereMeet Saxon and Sinclair + how they started their journey + their eye opening journey during their back to back, 20 day water fast + 20 Juice cleanse here. Sinclair has since completed a full 40 day Water fast. Follow their jounry on Instagram.


I like to keep a 1L glass jar next to my bed and I finish it first thing when I wake up in the morning. When we drink water on an empty stomach in the mornings, a process called osmotic precipitation allows this water to be absorbed directly by the brain. So by doing this you are hydrating the brain and allowing for better cognitive function to begin the day.


We should always aim to get our bodies moving at the beginning of the day. Our bodies thrive on movement both physically and mentally. When we walk, especially after drinking our 1L of water, we stimulate the lymphatic system which in turn allows us to better clear the waste in our bodies. Make a habit of drinking water and going for a walk and I guarantee you’ll be spending some quality time on the toilet!


It’s imperative to start your day with a calm and centred mind rather than a stressed out and erratic brain that we can sometimes wake up with. This is where some deep breathing and meditation can really help. Through both these practices, we calm our nervous system and allow our minds to relax and think clearly. This has a flow on effect on our physical bodies and any stress or tension that we are carrying with us is relieved.
So allow yourself 10-20 minutes in the morning of complete silence in which you just focus on simple deep breathing and calming your mind. I know as well as anybody that sometimes meditation can be quite hard so even just spending 10 minutes breathing deeply can make a huge impact on your day!


Strive to make your bed in the mornings before you leave the house. Not only will you have a nice presentable bed to come home to that night but it will remain a constant achievement every day, regardless of how small. Even if you’ve had the worst day imaginable and nothing has gone right, you can rest easy in your nicely made bed knowing that no matter what happens your bed will always be made and that is a positive that can always be taken even from the darkest day.


Having a cold shower in the morning can seem like a pretty daunting task, especially on a cold winter day. However there are many benefits that might just make this morning ritual worthwhile.
It’s certainly not uncommon to wake up in the morning feeling a little sluggish and lethargic and that can sometimes last for hours. The best remedy for that is to jump into a cold shower and let the cold temperature shock your body and wake it up. The sudden cold temperature shocks the body and mind and forces it to switch on instantly making you more awake, alert and ready to take on the day.
Cold showers have also been shown to improve your immunity and circulation as the body pulls blood from the outer extremities and brings it closer to the internal organs to help keep them warm and safe. Once we step out of the shower the blood flows back out, improving the circulation and the health of the vital organs.
So suck it up and get under that cold water!


Be grateful for your day ahead whether it be a tough one or an easy one. Start with saying 2 things you are grateful in your life for now. We are fortunate for every day we have as each day could literally be your last. So don’t be grumpy, don’t sulk about a long shift or late finishes at work. Remind yourself that every day spent on this earth, with a roof over your head and clean food and water is a gift and not to be wasted.

What are your morning rituals? We  would love to hear.

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