Is Breakfast The Most Important Meal Of The Day?

Saxon + Sinclair From Fasting The Healer Within

Fasting: The Healer Within - These Australian Brothers are on a mission to spread the importance of water fasting and juice fasting and how it can heal the body within. Follow them as they challenge the preconceived notions of the health industry with the miracle of fasting. 20 days water, 20 juice. See their documentary trailer hereMeet Saxon and Sinclair + how they started their journey + their eye opening journey during their back to back, 20 day water fast + 20 Juice cleanse here

Intermittent fasting (IF) is simple, its going without food for a period of time. We do it every time we go to sleep and for most of us its the longest we’ll go within a 24 hour period without eating. As a society we’ve come so accustomed to eating 3 square meals a day without ever really asking why. “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!”, is it really though? When you look at how the internal processes of the human body work you’ll see that might not be the case. I don’t think so and heres why.

Every morning when we wake up, granted that we haven’t eaten since dinner the night before, our body is in detoxification mode. Detoxification begins the moment our body is done with digesting food. Digestion takes up so much energy that it becomes top priority, when that is done though, usually when we stop eating (i.e. after sleep) the body begins to clean house. Detoxing can be ‘shitty’ though. This is why from time to time we wake up feeling ordinary. Headaches, a foul taste in the mouth, a white film on the tongue (our tongue is an organ of elimination), aches and pains or just a general sense of discomfort. Our body is cleaning house.


The best thing we can do  at this point is.. wait for it. Not eat. Even when our body is screaming for food to end the misery of discomfort, don’t eat. trust me, you’ll live. Eating stops the detox and thus the symptoms that come with it. Instead, drink some water, go for a walk, wake up the digestive and lymphatic system and help your body get rid of yesterdays ‘shit’. Your body has four channels of elimination; defecation, urination, respiration, perspiration. Its your body’s in built ventilation system to let out all the waste. When we fast, whether its intermittently or extended, we are pre-venting disease by eliminating the toxic build up which eventually leads to sickness. 

Hang on a second, aren’t our body’s constantly detoxing? That's why we have a liver and kidney”. That’s true, we have organs of detoxification and they are always working to sort through the waste and eliminate it. However, with all the toxic pollutants in our water, air and food, the amount of stress that we deal with on the daily and the poor diet and lifestyle that most of us experience, the workload on them is too much. They need time to detox themselves and that's where fasting comes in. Fasting provides a break for these organs so they can clean themselves. Each one of our internal organs is  directly connected to our colon via a lymphatic drainage channel which allows them to excrete waste directly into the colon. When we fast we allow these organs to clean out the toxic build up and dump it into the colon via these channels. Once it is in the colon it is ready for removal through the back door, our biggest channel of elimination.

saxon and sinclairThis is why colon health is so important. It not only removes all the food waste that is created from the food we consume but it is the garbage tip for each organ.

When you intermittent fast, some really cool changes happen to your body hormonally. According to Doctor Jason Fung - a world leading expert on intermittent fasting - some very important things happen with our hormonal system. Our human growth hormone increases, which helps our body burn fat for fuel. It also helps to preserve lean muscle mass and bone density. Human growth hormone has also long been implicated in human longevity and life extension.

IF also reduces our levels of insulin. One of the jobs of insulin (a hormone) is to move sugar (glucose) out of the blood stream and into muscles to be either used as energy or stored as glycogen (stored glucose). When the glycogen stores become full, insulin will store the sugar as fat. Insulin is known as a fat storage hormone. So, when we stop eating, our body has no need for insulin production and is finally able to use the stored fat as energy. This is another major benefit of intermittent fasting, reduced insulin and increased fat burning.

According to Dr Jason Fung, our hunger hormone ghrelin is at its lowest around 8am. In other words we shouldn’t wake up hungry. Its almost like the body has programmed itself to not eat in the morning. Why is it that some people wake up hungry then? It’s because they have woken dehydrated and their body is detoxing. Both will cause hunger. The best thing you can do when you wake up is drink 1 litre of water. It might take you half an hour, that's ok. It will hydrate your brain, alleviate any headaches or head tension caused by dehydration and will help flush your lymphatic system which has been laying dormant all night and needs hydration and movement to flush. The next morning ritual would be movement.

The truth is when we wake up we have all the energy we need to get our day started, its stored in our muscles and liver, that stuff called glycogen. When we burn through that, (timing can vary from person to person depending on how active you are), our body will go into ketosis and start burning fat for fuel. So technically we have all the energy we need to get through the morning and even the entire day if we really need to. Breakfast stops the body detoxing, and requires precious energy which we would otherwise use for our morning activity be put into digestion. This is why you feel sluggish and tired after a big meal, especially if you eat a standard American/Australian diet (SAD). So again, how important is breakfast?

If you absolutely need to eat something early in the morning for whatever reason, then in my opinion the best thing to eat is fruit. It is hydration for the body and full of easy to convert energy (fructose). It won’t leave you feeling tired, the opposite will happen. You will feel full of life! Eat some water melon first thing in the morning or some mango and tell me you don’t feel amazing. Then do the same with a beef burger. Fruit is not harmful sugar, its vitamins, minerals and nutrients that the body and brain can use to thrive.

Give intermittent fasting a go. It’s worked for me and so many of my clients.

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