Sense of Self Vs. Social Media, Who wins?

Holly From Elka Swim

We hear from Holly from Elka Swim. Their motto at Elka is you are always smiling. You are happy, honest, kind & caring. You live for friends & family. You love music & may even attain spirituality. But most importantly you love being outdoors, the water, the fresh air & the environment.

They are a vintage-inspired brand with a forever love of music and a time when things, and people, were & lived simply. Plus they are doing their bit for the environment!

Online is the place we all seem to hangout. Some of us hangout there monthly, others weekly but most of us hangout their daily, even, hourly. The invent of the worldwide web comes with both ups & downs. I mean, who doesn’t love to jump online & buy that sale item on Groupon, read a Google review or even find a local event that includes drinking wine? Online makes life easier, so they say. Yes, it’s convenient, yes, we have it at the tip of our fingers & yes it keeps us in the loop when it comes to world issues – or trending fashion. I mean, the worldwide web has created a new future for everyone, whether that be good or bad, I guess we are still yet to really find out.

The worldwide web has, however, allowed millions of people to start-up the own business, and I am one of them.  As an owner of a swimwear business, I LOVE the web but on a personal level the problem I have, actually, runs deeper.

Holly ElkaOn the surface, the web is a perfect match for my business, in fact, without it, there would be no match. However, under the surface of myself, the business owner, things are a lot different. Every day, when I am ‘hanging out’ online – running my business, I am surrounded by beautiful people, living luxurious lives & enjoying themselves in breathtaking places.  I feel like I have never been around this so much since starting back in October 2018. Before Elka Swim was even a thought, I don’t really remember ever having any self-esteem issues – well not to the point I do now. It’s as though all this time I have – and am, spending online for my business, I have started to have a different sense of self. At Elka, we promote living a happy, healthy, balanced lifestyle, and I live & practice what I preach, yet my sense of self isn’t what is used to be.

All this ‘hanging out’ online has altered my sense of self. There are days when I don’t know the person I see when I look in the mirror. There are days I doubt my ability, skills & knowledge. And, there are days I hate who I am & how I look. The isn’t who I am. This isn’t who I want to be. And, this isn’t the attitude I want to have about myself. The web & the immediate access we have to social media – which is full of people who I’m sure are going through the same, isn’t winning any gold medals for helping people and their sense of self. But can we actually blame the web & social media? I’m going to say yes, because I guess for me it seems easier.
I continue to live by the Elka Swim motto & as a result my sense of self is ok – most of the time. I think it drops when I don’t fit into my size 6 jeans – and slide into my size 10/12 jeans instead, or I jump on the scales & see a few extra kilos after being active all week. This whole sense of self can be a tough game to play, sometimes. I’m not here to win or lose, because at the end of the day I am only playing against myself. But what is actually ironic, is that when I want to encourage a good personal sense of self, I turn to the very place that made my sense of self bad in the beginning, online! Why do I put myself back in that place? Because, like tea with almond milk, I’m addicted to seeing how other people live, dress, look & act. Stupid, right!?
Yep, that’s right, like many of us, I’m addicted to the online world. I hate the sense of self it gives me from time-to-time. But I love that the web gives me access to social media where there are people & brands who promote & encourage selflove, health & happiness. And In a world of women doubting their ability, look & style, I hope that Elka Swim is one of those brands that is known to promote selflove & positivity. Being able to admit that my sense of self isn’t always great – and the fact my dress size has gone up LOL, is hard to swallow. But as they say, the first step is admitting it.

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