8 Self Care Suggestions To Help You Heal From Abortion Or Miscarriage


Rosie is a passionate women’s health and wellbeing educator.  Rosie can be found regularly facilitating international Bliss Baby Yoga Pregnancy, Post-natal and Yoga for Fertility teacher Training Courses; attending births in her role as a qualified Doula; running specialised workshops for healthy menstruation; and leading support groups and Women’s Circles for her local community. Her dedication and wealth of experience shines through in her comprehensive and utterly feminine teaching style.

Rosie studied Yoga, Meditation and Traditional Tantric Hatha in Thailand. For three years she lived and breathed yoga, leaving her island home occasionally to further her studies with teachers in India, and pregnancy yoga specialists Bliss Baby Yoga in Australia.

Rosie’s passion is in educating women on the power of their bodies, and the undeniable correlation between celebrating your feminine form and living an empowered and vital life. Her genius is in presenting these ideas in a way that is accessible, nurturing, and inspiring to women everywhere.

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Sweet woman,

Your body and your heart have been through it.

Maybe it happened yesterday, maybe a year ago, maybe more…

No matter when your experience occurred, know that it takes time to heal. 

It is no small experience to hold a life inside your body. 

It is no small experience to hold the space left behind when a life leaves. 

May these suggestions help you feel, mend, and heal. 

1. Take . . .  your . . .  time . . .

Give yourself space. Space to cry, to let it spill out, to not be okay, to be okay, to feel the waves. Stay in bed, rest, sleep, read, drink tea. Place one hand on your heart, one hand on your womb.

Feel the warmth of your skin, be gentle with yourself. 

2.   Coat the tender places

Close your eyes and image a soft pink light dancing inside your womb.

See it shimmering, quietly coating the tender places inside of your body. Feel it lovingly deliver gentle healing to our organs.

rOSIE3. Kindness

Offer yourself only the soft words that you would share with a dear one going through heartache.

Steer yourself away from the thoughts that hurry you, chastise you, or ask you to feel differently than however you feel in this very moment.  

4.  Speak your love

Take time to sit alone, to light a candle, to speak out loud to the soul you encountered. Take time to name your love, to name your loss, and to name your love again.

5. Let it out

Write a letter to the Universe/to God/to the Goddess/ to whomever you deem in charge. Hold nothing back. Write  your fury, your sorrow, your want, your tears, your gratitude, your hurt, your love, your truth.  

6. Plant a tree, some mint, a bulb

Let the residue of the little life you encountered spill out through your fingertips and into soil. Let their life force seep into the roots so that it may grow, so that you may watch it animate itself through the dancing of leaves.  

7. Admiration

Rub oil into your skin, take a long bath, put a flower behind your ear. Find small ways to honour your strength, your tender heart, and your body’s power to create and hold life with its skin, even for a fleeting moment.

 8. Share your story

Let your experience be heard, let yourself be seen. Ask for the support and stories of the women around you. Heal and be healed... 

All my love,

Rosie x

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