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Rosie is a passionate women’s health and wellbeing educator.  Rosie can be found regularly facilitating international Bliss Baby Yoga Pregnancy, Post-natal and Yoga for Fertility teacher Training Courses; attending births in her role as a qualified Doula; running specialised workshops for healthy menstruation; and leading support groups and Women’s Circles for her local community. Her dedication and wealth of experience shines through in her comprehensive and utterly feminine teaching style.

Rosie's upbringing in Byron Bay primed her to explore life with an open mind, which helped greatly when at age 26 she left her studies in Professional Writing and Editing at RMIT University to study Yoga, Meditation and Traditional Tantric Hatha in Thailand. For three years she lived and breathed yoga, leaving her island home occasionally to further her studies with teachers in India, and pregnancy yoga specialists Bliss Baby Yoga in Australia.

Rosie’s passion is in educating women on the power of their bodies, and the undeniable correlation between celebrating your feminine form and living an empowered and vital life. Her genius is in presenting these ideas in a way that is accessible, nurturing, and inspiring to women everywhere.

If you’re hungry for more guidance on Rosie's Fertility  techniques check out ‘Fertile Bloom’ a gentle and effective 28 Day Online Program to increase fertility and hormonal health or 'Leaning With The Luna' where Rosie offers practical tools to navigate the intelligence contained in the phases of your monthly cycle. 

Your breasts, in addition to being pleasure zones and miraculous life giving vessels, are gateways to intensified orgasms.
Taoist breast massage is a proven practice known to increase your capability for clitoral, vaginal, and whole-body orgasms!

Breast massage works to:
- build sensitivity to pleasure
- strengthen the energetic and physiological pathways between the breasts, heart, and vagina
- balance hormones (integral to happy a libido)
- and calm the nervous system, reduce tension and stress in the body.

Taoist breast massage is traditionally coupled with Jade Egg practices, however these exercises are bursting with benefits whether or not you choose to use a Jade Egg.

Breast MassageThis massage sequence is designed to bring renewed sensation and warmth to your lungs, heart, chest, and breasts.
Breast massage is most effective when performed for a minimum of five minutes daily. If this is too much of a stretch for your busy days, aim to keep the practice time at a minimum of five minutes, but practice only every second or third day.

The technique:
1. Set up by either rubbing oil (organic edible oil such as coconut, olive, or sweet almond oil) over your heart and breasts, or by placing a piece of silk over your chest. This will make your massage feel silky smooth and enjoyable.
2. Take a moment to become aware of the thoughts. Which thoughts are you sharing with your breasts? Are you feeling loving or judgemental about this part of your body?
This is practice is a moment where we will ask you to put down any minor or major criticism you may have about your breasts, if only for these 5 minutes!
3. Warm your hands by rubbing them vigorously together. Place them over your heart, feel the heat from your hands soak into your skin as you take full, 3 deep breaths into your heart and chest.
Visualise the warmth turning into golden light. See this luminous gold spreading through your heart area, softening any tight or heavy areas.
Feel this gold move outward from your heart and pour into your breasts. Let its warmth flood the tissues of your breasts, and pool around your nipples. Breathe into the heat of this sensation, allow it to become bigger and fuller until your whole upper torso, breasts, lungs and diaphragm are gently tingling with energy.
4. When you are ready, begin the massage. Begin by massaging in upward and outward circles.
For this technique the hands travel together along the inside of the breasts toward
the face, then outwards towards the sides of the body, downwards, inwards, and
upwards again. You can finish each rotation by gently squeezing your breasts, or make the circles
continually fluid rotations.
Remember to give your nipples attention throughout the massage too, they’re powerful pleasure receptors, especially when they have been sensitized through loving touch. Keep in mind this a massage not simply about the technique; it about connection, listening to your body and cultivating pleasure, so when you feel inspired let your hands move with what feels right for you day to day.
As you move your hands stay connected to the golden light building up inside your breasts and chest. Continue for a minimum of 3 minutes.
5. Cup your right breast in both hands with your left hand cupping from below and your right hand cupping from above. Slide your hands around your breast anti-clockwise, until your hands are now resting with your left hand on top, your right hand underneath. Slide your hands back in a clockwise direction, so the once more your left hand rests below your breast and your right hand sits on top. Continually slide your hands back and forth in these gentle rotations. Continue for a minimum of one minute, then change sides. To make your experience deeper, add the Me Breath practice!
6. Once your body feels soft and open from the massage, if you’re working with a Jade Egg you can place your egg inside and continue to massage as you squeeze and lift your egg. If you don’t have an Egg you can simply continue the basic pelvic floor squeezes for optimal hormonal balance and increased sexual energy.

o Cultivates sexual energy
o Strengthens connection between heart and vagina
o Increases orgasmic capacity
o Amplifies feelings of relaxation
o Improves overall vitality
o Balances oestrogen levels
o Releases helpful hormones such as DHEA and Oxytocin
(Oxytocin is responsible for feelings of calm, connection and love. DHEA is
thought to boost the immune system, cognitive function and muscle
strength. Bonus, it is also proven to be anti-aging)
o Increases blood and lymphatic circulation in the breasts
o Amplifies fullness and buoyancy of the breasts
o Promotes mental clarity and feelings of centeredness
o Increases sexual pleasure
o Supports the transformation of pent up sexual desire into relaxed sensuality
When you add the Jade Egg and/or pelvic floor exercises the benefits of this
technique extend to the reduction/elimination of:
o Irregular menstrual cycles
o Infertility
o Anaemia
o Fibroids
o Ovarian cysts
o Vaginal discharge
o Incontinence


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