Fasting: The Healer Within - These Australian Brothers are on a mission to spread the importance of water fasting and juice fasting and how it can heal the body within. Follow them as they challenge the preconceived notions of the health industry with the miracle of fasting. 20 days water, 20 juice. See their documentary trailer here. Stay tuned for PART 3 and if you missed PART 1 click HERE


You all asked for more information on fasting, so we spoke to the two Australian brothers who take fasting very seriously. Saxon and Sinclair Fischer-gray.

40 days to be exact they fasted for.  20 days water. 20 days of juice.

Documented to share soon with the world – the benefits, and how the body naturally heals over time. And now Sinclair is back in the jungle in North of Bali for his second fast.

Words by SAXON and SINCLAIR FISCHER -GRAY – Fasting the healer within.

‘’There are a lot of different opinions on fasting whether it be water or juice or just intermittent. There are those that say it's just a scam and it's all rubbish.  Well we would strongly disagree!!

For us fasting is not about weight loss but rather it's about allowing the body to heal.  We would never encourage anyway to do an extended fast with the intention to lose weight and 'look' better. Instead we encourage people to do extended fasts to heal and 'feel' better and in the process 'look' better too.

Every process in our body requires energy. So much of our body's energy goes into digesting and processing food, especially on the western world diet of processed food, refined sugars and an absurd amount of animal products.  All these types of foods mean that the body must work overtime to push this toxic and acidic waste through its system. What happens over time is our detoxifying organs like the liver, kidneys and colon become overwhelmed and start burning out. Our lymphatic system, our waste removal system, becomes stagnant because our kidney and colon etc are not able to hand the loads of toxins that are being put into the body. This allows toxicity in our bodies to accumulate and set up camp inside of us. This is where chronic illnesses and disease come from and this is where fasting comes in!
By fasting, meaning absolutely no consumption of food, not only are we no longer putting acids into our bodies, but our bodies are also able to take a break from digesting and use its energy to clean house.  Our body knows how to heal itself better than any medication that exists now or ever, it just needs to be given the chance.
By fasting, our bodies are able to drain the lymphatic system which effectively allows the body to remove the acids and waste through the four channels of elimination which we mention below. 

SAXThis photo (right) was from day 20 of the fast and I had sat down to do a video diary with the camera.

You can probably tell from my face, but I was doing it really tough at this stage. I was physically and emotionally drained and just wanted the fast to be over at this stage.  Would I do it again?
Absolutely.  The clarity and sense of purpose I gained from our 40 day fast is invaluable and has set me on a path that I am so grateful for.  When you fast for extended periods, your mind becomes clear and you become completely in tune with your both yourself and everything around you. I was thinking with a clarity that I'd never had before, and things just seemed easier. Bring on the next one!’’


1. Danner Gardner is a healing testimonial. He completely reversed his stage 4 Colon and liver cancer through water fasting, juice fasting and a raw food diet.
He has been cancer free since.
Watch his story here.


2. Tyler Tolman – shares what a 1 DAY WATER FAST CAN ACHIEVE FOR YOUR BODY.

A 1 day fast can have incredible benefits for the body, allowing the body to rest and recuperate without the burden of digesting food. The body is able to clear a more significant level of toxins and acidity over the course of a 1 day fast. This allows for better physical and mental well being!


3. 3 CONSECUTIVE DAYS – ALLOWS THE BODY TO RESET AND REGENERATE - A study done in 2014 at the University of Southern California discovered that water fasting for 3 consecutive days allowed the body to completely reset and regenerate the body's immune system.
The body, in an extended fasted state, was able to repair and replace old and damaged white blood cells and replace them with completely new ones.
This means the body's immune system was in a far greater position to fight off disease and illness

NATURAL Vs MEDICINE –  what happens when you fall sick and why medications are not always the best solution.

Words by Sinclair and Saxon Fischer-gray.

‘’When our bodies have a build up of toxins inside of them, they will naturally eliminate through one of the 4 channels of elimination. These are
• Defecation
• Urination
• Respiration
• Perspiration

This is for our benefit, this is to keep us healthy.

SSWhen we then ingest foreign chemicals (medicines/ tablets etc) , which send a message to our brains to stop vomiting, shitting or whatever the symptoms are, we are essentially stopping these toxins from leaving the body.  As we begin to close each avenue of elimination our bodies will seek to use the next available. (there is no determined order of which channels are used).  We will start to cough up phlegm and mucous and remove it that way but then we take anti-coughing medicine to stop that from happening.

Then our bodies will look to remove toxicity through our largest organ, the skin. We will begin to break out in rashes, pimples, boils etc. Instead of encouraging this and opening the pores, we put creams and ointments on our skin that blocks the channels ability to eliminate.

Suddenly we are left with a body full of acid and toxins but with no means to eliminate them. This is when we develop chronic inflammation and chronic disease.

So next time when you see these symptoms appearing on your body, take a moment to remember that your body is trying to help you. It is simply removing things that are harmful to you.

Instead of seeking to stop these symptoms, seek the reasons that they are even there in the first place.’’

In return for your help in making their dream a reality, Sinclair and Saxon are offering incentives for your donations. Jump over to their website below.

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