The Australian Brothers Spreading The Importance Of Water Fasting - Part 1


Fasting: The Healer Within - These Australian Brothers are on a mission to spread the importance of water fasting and juice fasting and how it can heal the body within. Follow them as they challenge the preconceived notions of the health industry with the miracle of fasting. 20 days water, 20 juice. See their documentary trailer here. Stay tuned for Part 2!

MEET Sinclair,  a personal trainer, cook and iridologist. With 12 years experience in the industry he has worked for a range of  diverse clientele including actor Orlando Bloom (7 years) as a personal health coach. After a sudden injury saw his promising rugby career come to an end, Sinclair has spent the last 12 years exploring the concept of healing. His journey would eventually lead him to fasting and whole plant based foods and this is where Sinclair's path began to light up. An extremely passionate health coach, his purpose in life has become one of educating and inspiring others to realise their own highest level of health, happiness and vitality.

SinclairI've lived a life not too dissimilar to most guys I know. Partying, drugs, alcohol and junk food. I always considered myself 'healthy' though. It was normal to get sick a couple of times a year. Antibiotics would sort that out.

At 20 years of age I was on the cusp of a promising rugby career, I was strong, fit and I felt indestructible. All of a sudden, my body started to shut down on me. A bulging disc turned into hip surgery and my seemingly quick recovery turned into 10 years of asking the question "why am I still in pain everyday?" Even just to walk up stairs, or run for the bus would leave me in pain for hours. Years of chronic pain was starting to take a toll on my mental health.

I first found out about fasting in January last year. I knew straight away it was the answer I've been looking for. I was told about animals in nature and how they know to fast when sick or injured, I thought well 'we are animals'. I was taught that the toxic lifestyle I have led was the reason my healing was never complete. How can my body heal when it has such a huge job to do keeping up with all the junk I was putting into it. It became clear, I need to clean 'the house' and the quickest way to do that is water fasting. And I was done waiting. I did a 19 day water fast 3 months later. At the end of it I was about 70% pain free. My skin issues cleared up and I felt a level of mental clarity I had never experienced. I watched black mucous plaque pour out of my body during colonics (after not eating for 2 weeks), witnessed the most putrid odour every time I used the bathroom or broke a sweat, and found parasitic worms in the toilet bowl on many occasions.  It was grossly satisfying. I was watching myself heal. I finished the fast (because I had to go back to work) and knew that it wouldn't be my last, I still have some healing to do. 

This fast for me is about getting out of pain, it's also become much more then that. It's about showing the world that sickness and life are not synonymous and by adopting simple daily principles of self care, we can be our own healers. Not everyone has to drink water for 20 days or juice for that matter. Unless you feel called to 💪🙏😜


MEET Saxon, a personal trainer with over 7 years of experience. Excelling at sport and in particular rugby, he played at an elite level until the age of 25. It was then he decided to take a chance and move over to the USA where he lived and worked in LA and Chicago. Working in Sydney, LA and Chicago, he has been able to learn and apply different approaches to all things health and fitness.

Saxon has recently discovered a passion for a whole foods plant-based lifestyle and with that all the healing capabilities that it can have on the body. Along with his training, he is working on furthering his knowledge of these natural healing remedies and sharing this message with as many people as he can.

SaxonIt's known that extended water and juice fasting can prevent and reverse major illnesses and even major injuries but I'll be honest with you, I don't have either. I am a seemingly young and healthy 27 year old with not a whole lot to gain from a 40 day fast. Right?

Wrong. 🚫

Anybody and everybody has something to gain from fasting, even just intermittently. Sure some have more to gain from it but everybody can benefit from it.

It is my own personal goal through this documentary to show what changes my body can undergo both internally and externally and both physically and emotionally.

To show this I will be taking:

- Blood samples before, during and after the fast.

- Daily urine samples to show the toxicity leaving my body.

- Daily tongue scrapings (lots of toxicity purged through the 👅!!)

- Daily enemas to show the loosening of plaque in the colon allowing for better nutrient absorption.

So if you're reading this and thinking fasting is only for overweight and sick people well then I'm here to prove you wrong. Try some intermittent fasting and see for yourself!!

These boys are out to make a killer documentary on Fasting: The Healer Within is a self funded project by both Sinclair and Saxon Fischer-Gray. With all the filming almost complete, they are now trying to raise the necessary funds to finish the post production of their feature length documentary. Their goal is to share this message with as many people as possible so that people can understand the power of our bodies and that our health is truly within our control. They aim to give hope to people who have lost all of theirs.

In return for your help in making their dream a reality, Sinclair and Saxon are offering incentives for your donations. Jump over to their website below.

Please follow Sinclair and Saxon's Journey over on Instagram or at

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