3 Ways to Increase Your Fertility at Home


Rosie is a passionate women’s health and wellbeing educator. Founder of Daughter of the Hive, Rosie can be found regularly facilitating international Bliss Baby Yoga Pregnancy, Post-natal and Yoga for Fertility teacher Training Courses; attending births in her role as a qualified Doula; running specialised workshops for healthy menstruation; and leading support groups and Women’s Circles for her local community. Her dedication and wealth of experience shines through in her comprehensive and utterly feminine teaching style.

 For three years she lived and breathed yoga, leaving her island home occasionally to further her studies with teachers in India, and pregnancy yoga specialists Bliss Baby Yoga in Australia.

Rosie’s passion is in educating women on the power of their bodies, and the undeniable correlation between celebrating your feminine form and living an empowered and vital life.

Her genius is in presenting these ideas in a way that is accessible, nurturing, and inspiring to women everywhere.

If you’re hungry for more guidance on Rosie's Fertility  techniques check out ‘Fertile Bloom’a gentle and effective 28 Day Online Program to increase fertility and hormonal health or 'Leaning With The Luna' where Rosie offers practical tools to navigate the intelligence contained in the phases of your monthly cycle. 

RosieDESPITE how it may feel when you’re struggling with fertility, your body IS a highly intelligent place teeming intricate systems and inbuilt wisdom's. Everything it does is with your best interests at its core.
So why when it comes to fertility, can it appear that your body is working against your greatest goal?

Rewind many thousands of years ..... when our reactive Sympathetic Nervous System (our fight or flight response) was perhaps one of the most crucial species survival mechanisms we had. When navigating nature and wild predators our lives depended upon our reaction to the information stress provided.
Return to present time... we as humans have evolved in leaps and bounds, but along with our social and technological developments we have also developed fast, busy, stress inducing lives. 
Think- multitasking, traffic jams, overdue bills, work deadlines, lack of sleep, overwhelming social events, running late for school drop offs.
Daily doses of stress have become the norm for many of us. This is unfortunate as our nervous systems have been slower to receive the evolution memo, so when we encounter stress it still recognised as a threat to our well being and ultimately our survival. As a result many of us are living our days with our Sympathetic Nervous System switched on to high alert. This encourages increased heart rate, faster more shallow breathing, and the lions share of circulation to be directed  AWAY from the vital organs and into the extremities.
Our wombs the body decides, are one of the lowest priorities when it comes to dividing the remaining supply of  blood and oxygen. After prolonged periods of stress, with your best interests in mind it’s often your body's intelligence that decides perhaps this is not the ideal time to reproduce.

To promote fertility we need to switch off the stress response and switch on the rest and digest response (your Parasympathetic Nervous System.) We need to let the body know that there is no imminent threat to our existence and that actually this is a great time to conceive.

I have provided you with 3 powerful ways to encourage relaxation and increased fertility from my 3 month Fertile Bloom Program:

1) Yoga for Fertility
Carefully chosen yoga poses designed to calm the nervous system, increase circulation to the reproductive organs and create warmth within the womb.

2) Guided Visualisation
This may sound flimsy or 'hippy’, but training the mind to imagine the best instead of the worst can help to slow your heart rate, initiate your Parasympathetic Nervous System and bring greater calm into both mind and body.

3) Breathing Techniques
Breathing is the only autonomic function (automatic actions of the body i.e digestion, heart rate, hormones) that we can consciously control. By appropriately manipulating the breath we are able to oxygenate the blood, calm the mind, return to our Parasympathetic Nervous System and even encourage hormone balance.
Below you will find an easy to follow 5 minute video of one of my favourite breath techniques.
Using the below tools as often as possible in daily life allows you to essentially speak to your nervous system, to tell it-
'You are safe, life is good, oh and please go about sharing my blood supply with my organs, especially my womb'.

If you’re hungry for more guidance on these techniques check out ‘Fertile Bloom’ a gentle and effective 28 Day Online Program with unlimited access for 3 months which I created for RAW Lifestyle to increase fertility and hormonal health.

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