42 Marathons in 42 Days


42 Marathons in 42 Days at 42 Years Old
and his dream of a better future.

There is someone in our tribe who is either an incredible inspiration to us and a bit of an athletic warrior, or.. raving mad....
Tim Etherington-Judge  founder of Healthy Hospo– (a community Interest Company with a lifelong passion for hospitality)
Tim and his team exist to provide information, advice, support, and training on all aspects of mental and physical health to build a healthier, happier, and stronger hospitality industry. An industry that suffers from mental health, poor working hours, and unhealthy lifestyles.
Tim, shares his story, about his battles with mental health.
 ‘’ In 2016, whilst working as a global brand ambassador, at the Athens Bar Show I attempted to take my own life. I was diagnosed with severe depression, in part caused by my lifestyle.
I’ve been an advocate for better mental health in the hospitality industry, and society in general, ever since that day when I decided to talk publicly and openly about my struggles that are all too familiar to those in the world’s service industry.’’

As a result, he founded Healthy Hospo,  (not- for- profit) aimed at tackling this problem head on and it’s here that he began the conversation to build a healthier, happier hospitality industry.
Tim has decided to do the unthinkable..
‘’On January 9 2019 I turn 42 years old, conveniently the same distance as a marathon and I plan to take my mission to the next level, to create as much attention, support and money as I can for improving the mental health of the hospitality industry by putting it all on the line and pushing my mind and body to the very edge.’’
To do this he is going to run.  And a long way at that.
‘’I’m going to run a damn long way, inspired by people I respect like Rich Roll, David Goggins and Luke Tyburski and it’s going to take every ounce of effort I have to do it.’’

Tim Healthy Hospo
The Run
Turns out his age, and the distance of a marathon are the same, for 12 months at least, so this madness all makes sense… to him… maybe not yet to us.
Tim shares with us that running has never been something he’s particularly enjoyed. He’s admitted running a marathon and was in the cross-country running team at school, but it’s never been a sport he has enjoyed, or loved.

So this is a challenge, within a challenge. His aim is to put it all on the line and see just what his body and mind is capable of.
You’re probably reading this with your mouth on the floor. Questions flooding your mind like, ‘is that possible? Imagine your body, can it recover that quickly? Mentally how do you stay engaged on such long distances? What sound track would you listen to? What shoes would support you that distance’….

Tim is aware of what it entails.
‘’This is no ordinary challenge, this is one that will push me right to the edge of my capabilities, and beyond and I’ll find out just how strong I think I am.’’
Tim is a firm believer of that there are no short cuts to achieve what you want in life, only hard work and dedication and it’s begun already.

He’s already started training and will spend the next 6 months conditioning his body and mind as best he can. Also he is aware he has to be able to deal with the stress and obstacles running a marathon distance every day for a month and a half will throw at him.
Tim is doing this for a purpose.
All in the name of good.
All donations and proceeds go to the  UK Drinks Industry Charity. The Benevolent.
The Benevolent is the UK trade charity that provides help and support to current and former employees of the drinks industry and their families.  They provide emergency grants to get people through an immediate crisis, long-term support to get people back on their feet and emotional support or advice to help during particularly hard times. Last year they launched a dedicated mental healthy helpline as part of their #NotAlone campaign.

Join him,
Every athlete needs a support crew, why not join his tribe?
This challenge is going to push him to places he’s never been before and he’s going to need the help of people all over the world to come out, cheer him on and perhaps run a few km’s alongside and keep him going.
He will be running in different cities around the world from New Orleans to Amsterdam and some others in between and has expressed how much he would love to share a small part of the challenge with as many of you as possible.
It doesn’t matter how far, 1km or a full marathon distance, you are joining him on the road and showing your commitment to a healthier, happier hospitality industry would mean the world to Tim. 

Find out more about Tim's journey.

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