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RAW LIFESTYLE is a revolutionary online health and well- being platform that lets you take the drivers seat.

Specifically designed to provide both men and women with accessible resources to maintain optimal mental and physical health.

In a digitally driven world, we are a safe space for people seeking change, personal growth, or information surrounding the three key pillars of the modern day – ‘everyday’.


In addition to providing online fitness programs and nutritional advice – we get a little down and dirty. Covering topics that are either taboo, niche or not so commonly spoken about at the dinner table.

We tell it how it is, or as we say we like to get RAW.

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We’ve a whole network of experts who share their professional advice on topics which my have been pushed under the rug or are thought to be cringe worthy, but here at RAW we think it’s necessary for our own well-being and health.

Our wish is to ‘normalize’ these topics to the next generation of men and women, to the stage where the word ‘taboo’ becomes extinct.

You can access this information online in the comfort of your own home and personal space without fear of embarrassment or interrogation. Through masterclasses and workshops – you do it when YOU’RE ready.

People that join our tribe, we want you to know you are part of community of like-minded people, and with the guidance of each expert we want you to know you’re not alone.

Flexibility, affordability, and ease take precedence here at Raw Lifestyle.

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Our programs are designed for everyone, no matter your age, fitness level, location or lifestyle.

Each certified coach/tutor/expert is handpicked, and offers something unique in terms of coaching or mentoring.

We want you to feel comfortable, supported, empowered and balanced. It’s not about body image, others opinions or competitiveness; it’s about choosing a teacher/coach you can relate to and taking the first steps towards your goals. Whatever that may be.

We believe you need to take care of yourself before you can create a positive change in the world and therefore, we will be with you every step of the way.

We’re in your pocket wherever you go.

Welcome to our space of comfort,


The RAW Lifestyle Team


Charlotte - Client of Rosie Matheson - Fertile Bloom

I took Rosie's program about seven years ago.When I was a teenager I had an operation on my uterus. I had many doctors tell me that it would be a 'miracle' if I conceived a baby naturally. I was worried, heartbroken and simply lost. Wondering that even if I did get pregnant would I be able to have a natural birth? During Rosie’s program I learnt there was a lot I could do for myself- physically and mentally. Even though I was a yoga teacher at the time much of the information she shared was new to ...


I enrolled in the ‘leaning with the Luna’ course purely to support a friend. What I didn’t know was that I would have so many penny drop moments. So many oh my god how did I get to my late 30s and not know all these gems moments. I think Rosie’s course should be taught to high school girls across the world. Rosie’s clear teachings enable you to reframe your relationship to your cycle in the most positive way. The course provides you with a deep understanding and wisdom which I refer back to constantly. I loved ...


I’m David, 27, from London. I came to Australia last year on a working holiday visa. I was overweight with a very weak knee due to not fully rehabilitating after a previous bad injury - so I thought I’d use a personal trainer. I joined Fitness First in Bondi Junction which led me to start working with Dragan. I had such an enjoyable time training with him 3 times a week and started to notice a significant amount of difference as we focused a lot on my core and rehabilitating my knee. As a result, this helped me hugely ...

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